WW2 Romanian Army Post card from Stalingrad area

When I started this journey of metal detecting and collecting Romanian Army stuff, one of the first things I bought from ebay was this piece of a helmet found in the Stalingrad area. Even if I could find full helmets, I bough this because this illustrates better the fierce battles that took place there, just imagine how a steel helmet can end up into pieces like this. A dear friend of mine (he knows who) also told me that a cool post card is on ebay and maybe I should buy it and I did. It was written by a Romanian soldier in September, 1942 on the way to Stalingrad. Sometimes when I feel down I read it and I feel that Aldea, the guy that wrote it, is right and all around us is futile, there are many more important things in life to be happy about. Maybe reading this, he will make you feel better and see things different in this shitty times.

“September 10, 1942
My dears, On the occasion of crossing the Dnieper, I want to to write you the second postcard to let you know that I’m healthy and we are on the way to the final victory. We have 6-7 days until we arrive at the landing station that we don’t know so far nor the address. Brothers, as long as you have days, eat, drink and live well and don’t think about money because you do nothing with them. Here I have the money but I can’t do anything with them. I don’t have anything to buy. Brothers, I miss you very much. We have many obstacles to overcome, but I hope to overcome them and we all meet again. To my kith send them greetings from the banks of the Dnieper.”

“10 septembrie 1942
Dragii mei, Cu ocazia trecerii Niprului tin sa va scriu a doua c.p. (carte postala) prin care va anunt ca sunt sanatos si suntem in drum spre victoria finala. Mai avem 6-7 zile pana om ajunge la statia de debarcare pe care inca nu am aflato pana in prezent si nici adresa. Fratilor cat mai aveti zile, mancati, beati si traiti bine si nu va ganditi la banii caci nu faceti nimic cu ei. Eu aici am banii si nu pot face nimic cu ei. Nu am ce cumpara. Fratilor mie tare dor de voi. Noi avem multe obstacole de trecut dar sper sa le invingem si sa ne intalnim iarasi cu bine. Cunoscutilor transmitetile salurari de pe maulurile Niprului.” Aldea

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