Romanian Army militaria and field gear used in WW2


Here are some pics from a private collection that I visited earlier this year in Brasov, at the local History Museum. The Retromil guys have lots of Mountain Division Militaria and it’s cool to see that they showcase them in expositions like this! Enjoy!



1 Romanian Army militaria ww2

2 Romanian soldier uniform in world war two

3 Romanian Army ww2 sanitary gear

4 Romanian Military Medic Officer WW2 - visor hat, model 1934

5 Romanian WW2 canteens

6 Romanian soldier WW2 mess kit

7 Romanian Army ww2 field kitchen

8 Romanian and German helmets with battle damadge and a vz26 zb26 light machine gun

9 Romanian Army WW2 belt buckle and epaulettes

10 Romanian mapcase and compass used in WW2

11 Romanian Officer Epaulettes and Ceremony belt for Mountain Troops

12 Romanian Artillery Officer WW2 - visor hat, model 1941

13 Romanian Artillery Officer Epaulettes and Ceremony ammo pouch ww2

14 Romanian officer WW2 uniform

15 Romanian officer WW2 uniform diagonal belt

16 Romanian officer WW2 uniform with chevron for wounded