Metal Detecting in Iasi Romania


 Stanca Roznovanu Castle Iasi

Emotional stuff 2 days ago. Found the remains of a fallen soldier – a skull and mixed bones from legs, arms ribs… No ID tag. German, Russian, Romanian, civil, who knows? I found it on a slope, 5m under some trenche line where in 1944 the 79.Infanterie Division were fighting the Red Army to secure the Northen Jassy Sector. Nothing to brag about but just a reminder – we are lucky to have this “hobby” because others lost their gear, weapons and their lives dying for basicaly nothing. That was not their call, others tossed the dices for them. When ever you get this strange chance of finding “someone”, please treat the whole thing with respect like that someone was your lost grand grand father you grand grand mother espected all her life to come back home alive miraculously after many years had passed and he was declared missing. No emo shit, keep it true. RIP. Thanks to the authorities for all the support.

 WW2 missing Soldier found

Missing ww2 soldier found near Iasi

Told you about that second entrenching tool found last week that was in the cleaning. A clear “Myth Busted!”. Always loved the photos with soldiers carrying the shovels oriented on the left/heart side in the disperate thought that this will give them some kind of bullet protection. No matter the nationality, no matter the way they tried to trick death, they all wanted to live.

 WW2 Russian entrenching tool

ww2 Entrenching tool

Battle damage ww2 Entrenching tool

World War Two entrenching tool

 Linnemann shovel

 Entrenching tool with Bullet shot

German soldier with entrenching tool

WW2 relic cup

Russian WW2 cup

One of the two entrenching tools I found last week – this is a Red Army ww2 shovel in good condition. The other one is in a more interesting shape with some cool battle damadge. More pics soon after I finish removing the rust off of it.

 Malaja pehotnaja lopata-50 shovel

MPL-50 Russian ww2 shovel

WW2 trench periscope

 WW2 trench periscope

WW2 trench binoculars

WW2 trench Bunny ears Binoculars

Trench Art

 Bullet Trench Art

 WW2 Mortar

Russian WW2 KTM fuzes

 Artillery shell plug

Artillery shell Fuse

WW2 Relics Romania

Battle damadged relics

MG42 bullet band

Stanca Roznovanu Castle

Stanca Roznovanu Castle Iasi

Schlossberg Stanca Jassy

 Relics Stanca Castle

Metal detecting in Romania

3 digging days, same (black) pants.