We start searching
where others lost their lives.

Metal detecting WW1 and WW2 battlefields for relics and attic searching for militaria. The Romanian territory has its fair history of battles with international powers, from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman one. From the start, the main goal was winning the independence and to unify all the territories where the romanian ethnics had the same language and traditions.
After the start of the 20 century, the mission remained the same and Romania fought in the Balkan War, World War One and later, World War Two. We must research all the points of view and try to create our own oppinion about all the actions taken to get us where we are today as far as the actual international boarders go, but we cannot blame (that much) the persons that took the decisions, because we must take for granted the fact that they took the best actions in the interest of the country and its citizens.
That’s why in some materials on this web-site you will see some thing that may disturbe some of it’s visitors like zvastikas, crossed sickle and hammer, iron cross, dead soldiers and so one. The purpose of showing this icons uncensored is to show the times depicted as they were, unproccesed in any way.
No propaganda. Not supporting genocide, Xenophobia, instigate hate etc. If you are offended by anything on this web-site, you have your freedom to close this page and browse the rest of the internet.
This web-site is dedicated to my grandfather who fought in WW2, his brother that was a POW in Siberia and other relatives that defended our borders in WW1. This is for all that lost their lives or lived for Romania.